Here at the VOGUE, we know and LOVE cheerleading! We offer many different ways to get involved in our sport, and have options to fit every commitment level. Not every athlete


Read on to learn more about how you can join!  

Recreational Cheer

Our one-of-a-kind dynamic recreational cheerleading curriculum is designed to fit the needs and aspirations of every child. Recreational programming is available for ages 3 to 12 with a focus on developing a robust cheerleading skill set including tumbling, jumping, stunting, dance, coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, teamwork, and confidence. Classes are structured around athletes’ ages and run once per week.


Competitive Cheerleading

All Star Teams offer a competitive team sport for all ages and skill levels.

Our safe, supportive, and passionate coaching techniques are designed to help our athletes thrive in the spirit of friendly competition with fine-tuned and fierce skill sets. 

In addition to age, coaches carefully consider all aspects of individual athleticism from talent and ability to work ethic and positive attitude. We’ve got teams for every level from beginner to elite. You don’t have to know a thing, just come on out and we’ll guide you every step of the way. Clinics & Classes are offered throughout the year to help our athletes reach their personal goals. Programming includes guest coaches, conditioning, tumbling, stunting, Flyer class and more.

Classes and clinics are available in private and semi-private bookings in addition to group. 

We have a number a cheer skills clinics and classes designed to give each athlete an opportunity to gain experience and confidence in all of the different areas of cheer. These classes/clinics are designed for both the new and current cheerleader.

Tumbling is an important part of competitive cheerleading. It’s also a ton of fun! We love tumbling, and have a variety of options for everyone to learn and advance their skills. Contact us for more information about private, semi-private and group lessons.  We are also proud to offer an amazing variety of beginner tumbling.  Come flip with us!