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Class descriptions

   Pre-Madonna - (Tinies, age 3-6)
Our recreational team for tiny athletes, ages 3-6. Practicing stunting, dance, tumbling and learning how to be confident, spirited.
Slay Queens - (Youth)

Slay Queens are our competitive Youth All-girl  level 3 team.  Athletes ages range from 7 - 14 years old. Our Season runs from  August until July.

Prestige - (Senior)
Prestige are our competitive Senior All-girl level 3 team.  Athletes ages range from 10+ years old. Our Season runs from August until July.
Passion - (ParaCheer)
Passion are our recreational ParaCheer team. This team is inclusive to athletes with disabilities, including those with mobility difficulties, intellectual impairment, and sensory impairment. Our disabled and non-disabled athletes work together to practice stunts, dance, and tumbling. Ages are 11+ but many of our athletes are adults. 
Boys Tumble
Every Friday night we have an hour just for the boys, so they can train their tumbling and body awareness. This is a disciplined class where focus and precision are the goal. Ages from 6+ so long as the athlete has some spacial awareness and understanding. 
Our freestyle sessions teach our athletes how to be inventive with their surroundings while allowing them space to flip and tumble on our crash mats and other equipment. This hour includes an obstacle course warm up, physical conditioning, tumbling, and power moves. 
Open Gyms
Our open gym and open tumble classes are a space for the athletes to come and practice skills they've learnt in classes or elsewhere in a safe environment monitored by our professional and fully qualified cheer and tumble coaches. Athletes are expected to be able to self manage as it’s not a structured session but our coaches are on hand to lend encouragement, offer advice and support, as well as set up drills to help athletes progress.

Legacy - (Recreational)

Our recreational team for athletes  ages 6-14. Practicing stunting, dance, tumbling and learning how to be confident, spirited, and have fun with a team.


Intro Tumble
Take those first steps on the road to tumbling, working everything from learning basic body positions all the way to round-off and starting Back Handspring technique. If you’re new to tumbling or need a refresher these are the classes for you. 


Back handsprings
To join this class you need a solid round-off or walk-over as agreed by our coaches. Here we work on perfecting technique and building form those foundations to start front and Back Handsprings all the way to series Handsprings


To join this class you will need good series back handsprings unspotted. We work the body conditioning, shaping, and drills to build and perfect standing back and front tucks and running tucks and tuck combinations. 


Layout & Twist
To join this class you will need good round-off handspring tucks. We work whips, layouts, twists and doubles. This class is for our highly skilled athletes only and an athlete will need to be cleared by our coaches on the prerequisites before being allowed to progress.
Private lessons - (1-3 athletes, 30-60 minutes)
We give you what you need, private tumble, stunt and dance lessons available throughout the week with advance booking. Working one to one, or with smaller groups of athletes roughly the same level, our coaches help you progress and perfect your skills, or teach you new ones. Prices vary per coach and activity so please get in touch.
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